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Character Asset # 000 : This is the first animation built for the Doctor in Maya LT.
The Doctor.

This is the Doctor.  He is the first Avatar to evolve out of the ZBrush - Maya LT - Unity pipeline.  He is my first attempt at character creation.  So far he has been fashioned by a 3D model mesh, had that meshs' texture painted, the form was then given a bone chain.  The mesh was then "skinned" to the skeleton and the skeleton was given a control rig.  The rig was then animated over a timeline were the result is the Doctor doing his morning calisthenics.  Now he needs to have a couple more "animations" given him where they are baked into an FBX file to then be  Proof Tested over in Unity for Game Integration.


The Doctor is the first "soft body" mesh that has made it into this library.  There are many other assets that make up a game.  To find out more click the Wikia link.

Character Asset # 000 Here the Doctor is getting his skeleton, bone chain.  Next will come the character rig.

Here the Doctors' mesh is being fitted with a skeleton.  This needs to be completed before the polymesh vertices are bound to the bone chains.  Then, after some testing to see if the skin deforms correctly through all of the bones manipulations and character poses, the rig can then be connected to the skeleton, and sent on for further testing.

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